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May 5, 2009

Why whole home control? Why now?

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Whole home control – also called whole home automation – has actually been around for several decades.  For most of this time, however, it has been the province only of very high end residences and very dedicated do-it-yourselfers. 

Recently, this has been changing in a most dramatic way due primarily to three factors.

1. The Walls are Coming Down – Well, more accurately, the walls no longer have to come down in order to install most home automation applications.  In the past, reliable control of lighting, thermostats, etc., required dedicated wiring to be run throughout the home, and unless this was done during initial construction that meant tearing up walls.  New technology to the rescue.  Recent advances such as low cost wireless devices now provide an alternative to the much more expensive and intrusive dedicated wiring.

2. Moore for Less – A well known phenomena referred to as Moore’s law describes how computing hardware improvements double the power of inexpensive computers every two years or so.  Put otherwise, the same power hardware becomes significantly less expensive over time.  As a result, the basic level of computing hardware required to support most home automation applications is now far less expensive than in the past.  In fact, anyone who has purchased a home PCs with dedicated Internet access will probably find entry level home automation within reach.

3. The Web We Weave – The Internet and its Web of standardized content have been embraced by the masses in a permanent and life changing way.  Along with the many new habits for consuming information, socially interacting, and pursuing entertainment, we’ve come to see a whole slew of devices enter our lives.  PCs, notebooks, smart phones, NAS’s, DVR’s, PVR’s, PMP’s – the list goes on and on.  The prevalence of these devices not only drives the need for better device integration and control, but in fact lowers the incremental cost required to implement a whole home control solution that can do just that.  For example, that same iPhone you’re using for a zillion applications can also act as the user interface for your whole home control solution – replacing what previously would have been a multi-thousand dollar  investment in “touch screen controllers.”

Certainly, there are many other factors that are currently at play and will continue to influence the landscape.  But, these three are what we at Whole Home Control find to be the most inspiring and enabling when it comes to providing you with home technology solutions that maximize comfort, convenience, security and efficiency at unprecidented price levels.

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