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November 28, 2009

Ahh, the good new days

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Have you had that talk with your kids, yet?  You know, the one where you explain that there was a time on earth when everyone didn’t walk around with their own, personal, untethered communication device?  Ah, the things we take for granted.  While arguably not quite so life changing as cell phones, here are three more technologies coming your way that you may one day wonder how you ever went without.

Automated Door Locks

What is it: Door locks for your home that function just like your current ones, except they also can be controlled through any number of “automated” options, including a cell phone or Web browser.  The state of the device (i.e. locked/unlocked) can also be monitored.

Why get it: Putting your door lock “on the grid” opens up any number of possibilities from pushing one button at night to alarm your security and lock the doors to remotely unlocking your home while on vacation so your neighbor can water your plant.  Also pretty handy when you or your spouse gets locked out (assuming it’s accidental.)

Buying details: You’ll need both an automated lock and a “controller”, which you can get in a package for around $500.  Of course, if you already have a home controller solution (such as Control4) for lighting, etc., you can just purchase a compatable lock.  Contact your local home technology integrator for more information.

3D Television

What is it: Pretty much the same as a 3D movie experience, except right in your living room.   The first crop of these devices will require those special glasses, though eventually models are expected to work sans personal wear.  These units will function as normal 2D TVs for normal programming, but – similar to high definition broadcasts – will exhibit their extra powers when paired with properly endowed programming content.

Why get it: If you like the experience in the theaters, why not get it for your home?

Buying details: 3D televisions are expected to arrive in 2010 from major manufactuers at only a slight premium over the current crop of 2D units.

Elderly Monitoring

What is it: A system of electronic sensors that allows you to monitor activities of your aging loved ones from afar and alert you to any changes in normal behavior.  Picture getting a text message when an aging parent hasn’t gotten out of bed as expected, or perhaps just missed taking their morning medicine.

Why get it: Enhance elderly care and your own peace of mind without the hassle to your loved ones or yourself.

Buying details: Basic systems start a little under $1,000 and can be purchased through your local integrator.

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